Buyers Guide

Buyer’s Guide

A comprehensive resource for first-time and seasoned buyers alike.

1   Consider your options.

There are countless reasons for selling a home, but all sellers have one thing in common: the desire to get as much profit as possible with as little time and energy invested as possible.

2   Get ready.

Take control of the selling process by choosing the right RE/MAX Sales Associate to help you evaluate the market conditions and determine the best selling price.

3   Market your home.

Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to homes. Work with your RE/MAX agent to objectively assess your home’s value to determine its market value.

4   Negotiate offers.

Your RE/MAX agent and a willingness to be flexible are your greatest assets here. Think carefully about your minimum selling price, and about terms and conditions you are flexible with.

5   Close the deal.

Once all papers have been signed, both you and the buyer can still renege on the deal. Be aware of your rights as a seller, and about the repercussions from backing out of a closed sale.
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